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Welcome on the web-site of Gallery Diabolus!

Gallery Diabolus features work by established contemporary artists and promising emerging talent as well. We lay great emphasis on the high communicative value and technical perfection of the works we present.
Our visitors can enjoy the artists' online galleries, read articles, publications and newsletters, buy artworks online or give commisions.

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Gallery Diabolus was launched by Gehér Klára, Ördögh László Diabolus, Rafael DeVill and Naomi Devil in March, 2005.

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Looking back to the future

The Museum of Young Art in Vienna (MOYA) proudly announces the exhibition

Naomi Devil: Looking back to the future

The opening ceremony takes place on Monday, 14th January 2013 at 7:30 pm. The exhibiton presents fifty large oil paintings by the young artist, Naomi Devil. The works cover a ten-year periode from the earliest paintings until the most recent ones, that have just been streched for this exhibition.

Dr. Kolja Kramer, art historian, director of MOYA groupped the works according to topic and time of creation to present them in several different rooms of the Schönborn Palast, headquater of MOYA.

The MOYA - Museum of Young Art, founded in 2005, is the first museum exclusively dedicated to Young Art. The dynamic additional concept of a synergy of young Art, receptions and conference venue in Vienna follows the aim to constantly create new art public especially for Young Art. The vernissage is open to all art lovers. If you would like to visit the exhibition on any other day please, call the MOYA team by phone for an appointment because of the events that may take place parallel to the exhibiton.

Vernissage: Monday, 14th January 2013 at 7:30 pm.
Address: MOYA (Museum of Young Art), Palais Schönborn, 1010 Wien Renngasse 4.

upload/geheer/Moya1.jpg upload/geheer/Moya2.jpg upload/geheer/Moya3.jpg upload/geheer/Moya4.jpg

MOYA on facebook
Naomi Devil homepage

2013.01.10 - 19:53 :: G.K.

Virtual world in reality

The Gallery Szatyor Team in Budapest, the curator of the exhibition, and the exhibiting artists invite all art lovers to attend the opening ceremony of the exhibition
Virtual world in reality

Artists: Péter Bajkó, Áron Filkey, Márton Király, Benedek Kristóf Kiss, László Kõhegyi, Máté Móró, Naomi Devil, Amanda Szabó

upload/geheer/VirtualReality1.jpg upload/geheer/VirtualReality2.jpg

Inauguration: Barnabás Batta - culture researcher, communication expert
Curator: Noémi Beszédes
Opening: 9th January, 2013 at 7 pm.
Exhibition dates: 9th January - 3rd March, 2013
Address: Gallery Szatyor, 1111 Budapest, Bartók Béla út 36.

upload/geheer/Oldal1_s.jpg upload/geheer/Ice_Queen_s.jpg upload/geheer/Oldal2_S.jpg

It is unprecedented how intensively the technical development becomes integrated in our daily lives in the 21st century. As long as in the 20th century virtual worlds still remained in the realm of computers, it is now nearly impossible to lead a high-quality life without the Internet, smart phone, laptop or I-pad. It has become a common practise to spend a large part of the day on the Internet, to communicate and to carry out business transactions through mobile phones and digital media. Time consuming digital gadgets reduce our free time and personal meetings with friends are becoming more and more rare. On the other hand even the scarce leisurely hours could not remain intact form this rapid change of social habits. New attractions, like on-line shopping, games and courses are available, immersive 3D movies entertain the audience.
It's an interesting question how the art world responds to the changing lifestyles of society, whether the time-consuming activities related to new digital media, and participation in the rapidly spreading social networks (facebook, twitter, etc.) inhibit creativity, or rather the opposite, they open new horizons for creative minds. It is inevitable that the digital technology sneaks into the creation process of the young artist generation and broadens their artistic expression completely. The exhibition features work of some outstanding young talents who consider the digital realm their home.

2013.01.10 - 19:34 :: G.K.

Gallery Peithner Lichtenfels Vienna, Hommage to myself

Finalists of the competition 'Red carpet for young art 2011 and 2012' have been asked to deal intensively with the question, which artist has influenced the most their artistic development.
The Gallery Peithner Lichtenfels in Vienna invites the audience kindly to take part in a walk through the gallery rooms that gives by means of the most personal confessions of the young artists Viki Kühn, Olivier Hölzl, Robert Bodnar, Jasmin Schaitl, Manuel Gruber, Olga Georgieva and Naomi Devil a glimps to their own private world.

Welcome speach: Gemeinderat Ernst Woller
Introduction to the exhibition: Karl Kilian
Patron: Landtagspräsident Prof. Harry Kopietz

Thursday, 22nd November 2012, 7 pm
Inauguration: 7:30 pm
Gallery Peithner Lichtenfels, Sonnenfelsgasse 6, 1010 Wien

Roter Teppich für Junge Kunst
Galerie Peichtner Lichtenfels

Naomi Devil's contribution:


I admire Rembrandt. I'm absolutely impressed by his virtuosity and technical skill, by his incredibly concise and succinct ways of expressing by means of only a few brushstrokes the whole essence of reality. I'm enchanted by the vibration of light and shadow on his canvases, and by his magic capability to paint a facial expression with such a mastery that his self-portraits radiate his personality and tell the story of his entire life.
I have immersed myself in a Rembrandt-like atmosphere and created a self-portrait borrowing the leading motive form his painting 'The Jewish bride'. The only clearly recognizable part of the paining are the hands of the young couple that symbolize my first love who was a painter. It was partly my admiration towards him that led me to the narrow and difficult path to become a successful artist myself.

Futher pictures of the series Hommage a Rembrandt

2012.12.02 - 12:06 :: G.K.


New Yorkban, a Magyar Kulturális Centrum kiállítótermében (447 Broadway 5th floor) 2011 december 14-tõl 2012 január végéig tart Orosz István plakátkiállítása.

2012.01.30 - 10:16 :: István Orosz ( UTISZ )

NUS exhibition in Aquarium Bačvice

Exhibition dates: 13th January - 20th January
Vernissage: 13th January at 8 pm
Location: Aquarium Bacvice, Split, Croatia
The event was organized by NUS (Neafirmirana umjetnièka scena). Exhibiting artists of this year's international group exhibition at the Aquarium Baèvice in Split have been selected from participants of a thematic art competition that was organized with the aim of promoting young art in general. The exhibition presents works of the selected contemporary young artists to a wide audience.
Self-fulfillment of a young generation in today's era of capitalism and economic crises
How they are able to create new conditions for the quality of their own life.
Opening ceremony: 13th January at 8pm
Performance: 13th January 8 pm 30
Concert: 13th January 10 pm 30
NUS Homepage
Picture: Naomi Devil: I used to care

2012.01.15 - 10:47 :: G.K.

Invitation: Pink Propaganda

You and your friends are cordially invited to attend the opening ceremony of the exhibition

Naomi Devil: Pink Propaganda

on Monday, 21st November 2011 at 6:30 pm

1051 Budapest, Zrinyi utca 4.

Opening hours: ever day from 11 am until 1 am after midnight
Curator: Varga Dorottya

Presse text:
Naomi Devil is one of the highly talented young artists aged between 20 and 25.
She has been commuting between Stuttgart, Vienna and Budapest since her early childhood. Her artistic impulse gathered momentum by becoming familiar with different cultures during her travels and by her upbringing in the family. The series shown on the occasion of this exhibition can be regarded as the final product of this process.
Although her pictures could at first sight be classified as hyper realism, she defines her stile as realistic symbolism. She has created her own artistic vocabulary to express her feelings and her thoughts about life.
She may choose a model from the environment where ever she happens to be and take a photo that serves as a starting point when she works. She often chooses to paint a self portrait though, because of the lot of travelling.
In her opinion 'to have inspiration' is an inborn quality. 'I have never been talkative. I have rather a visual memory. When I'm asked a question, as a response a picture appears in my mind, before I can phrase my answer.' - she sais.
She lays great emphasis on the message that is transmitted by the picture. She is convinced that there is no sense in painting without a clear message. She is concerned about such topics as pollution, the greed for money, media manipulation, but she is interested in fashion, Federico Fellini's films, or even swing dance as well. She uses bright colors, like fluorescent pink or coral, to give accent to her message and to compete with the world of visual media.
In her opinion it is very important that she enjoys her own creative power and the relaxed easy-going state of mind during work. It is an exciting peace of mind that we can experience as well when we are observing her paintings.
Her sarcastic imagery provokes the mind to wonder and to think about. Sometimes it is the humor that dominates and is acknowledged with a smile of the observer. Every picture reveals an intelligent opinion. The artist's sincere, sophisticated and crazy style binds the audience for ever.
The exhibition presents paintings from the "Sells like Teen Spirit" series that was painted between 2005 and 2011.
/Varga Dorottya/

Naomi Devil homepage
Naomi Devil Facebook page

2011.11.09 - 20:02 :: G.K.


We have the pleasure to cordially invite you and your friends to attend the opening ceremony of the exhibition

Márton Takáts, painter and graphic artist

on Friday, 11th November 2011 at 6 pm
in the Karinthy Saloon.

The vernissage takes place on the occasion of the Festival Day of the 11th District in Budapest.

Inauguration: Noémi Szabó, art historian

Exhibition dates:
from 11th November until 2nd December 2011
Monday-Friday, from 11 am until 6 pm
Saturday, from 10 am until 2 pm
and during special events

Address: Karinthy Saloon
1111 Budapest, Karinthy Frigyes út 22.
(entrance in Vak Bottyán street)

Telephon/Fax: 209-3706
E-mail: bartok.galeria@chello.hu

2011.11.09 - 19:29 :: G.K.


upload/geheer/metaverse_01.jpg upload/geheer/metaverse_02.jpg

Art Gallery Szombathely and Diabolus Gallery cordially invites you and your friends to attend the opening ceremony and presentation of the international exhibition

METAVERS ART, Virtual World in the Gallery

which takes place on Wednesday, 16th November 2011 at 5 pm.

More presentations:
Thursday, 17th November 2011 at 2 pm and
Friday, 18th November 2011 at 10 am

Inauguration speech and introduction in the virtual world of Metavers Art:
László Ördögh, Industrial Designer and Information Technology Professional

Exhibiting artists:
Caravaggio Bonetto / Naomi Devil (Austria)
Josina Burgess / Jose den Burger (Netherlands)
Velazquez Bonetto / Ördögh László Diabolus (Hungary)
Maxxo Klaar (Germany)
Frieda Korda (Belgium)
(* Where two names are indicated, the first one is the name of the avatar in the Second Life virtual world, while the second is the actual name or artist name.)

The exhibition is open until 10th December 2011 and can be visited during the opening hours of the gallery.

Szombathely, Rákóczi Ferenc utca 12.
Tel: 800 94 / 508
Fax: 94/314 096
E-mail: keptar@int.szombathely.hu

The exhibition is sponsored by:
Microweb Internet Kõszeg
Virtual Human Engineering GmbH, Stuttgart

upload/geheer/metaverse_03.jpg upload/geheer/metaverse_04.jpg


The word 'metaverse' is a portmanteau combining the Greek prefix 'meta' (meaning 'beyond') and the last syllable of 'universe'. It is typically used to describe the concept of a future iteration of the internet, made up of persistent, shared, 3D virtual spaces linked into a perceived virtual universe. The Metaverse is an abstract reflection of our real world, a parallel virtual universe. The Metaverse is our collective online shared space, created by the convergence of virtually enhanced physical reality and physically persistent virtual space including the sum of all virtual worlds, augmented reality, and the internet.

The term was coined in Neal Stephenson's 1992 cyberpunk science fiction novel Snow Crash, where humans, as avatars, interact with each other and software agents, in a three-dimensional space that uses the metaphor of the real world.

Although the main characteristic feature of the cyberpunk science fiction literary genre is, that it describes a futurologist vision of the near future, nobody thought at the time, when the novel was written, that an unbelievably close future was concerned and the metaverse would become from science fiction vision to everyday reality within a decade.

The Metaverse would be a dreary place without the collaboration and participation of the creative class. There are, however, several very attractive features of this virtual world that call the attention even of the most elaborated minds and bind them to the computer screen.
1. There are no limits to the imagination. Whatever it is conceivable that can be realized in this virtual world.
In contrast to the asymmetrical media, such as radio or television, it is a symmetrical media. 2. Each user can be both the producer and the audience of the show, creator and recipient at the same time.
3. There is a wide range of possible interactions with objects and avatars in the scene through the mediator of the user, through his/her own avatar. A special scripting language enables the user to shape the objects and their interactively changing behaviors.
4. This technology brings the whole parallel universe onto a common denominator: the binary code that can be transmitted with the speed of light. The avatars coexist in the same virtual space and time. The international collaboration is independent of the different participants' location.
5. The notions of state, borders, nations, religions and political systems become obsolete and weightless abstractions.
These features open new perspectives for the avant-garde of the 21st century art scene.

Art Space Diabolus was founded 27th June 2007 in Second Life by the avatars Caravaggio Bonetto, Velazquez Bonetto and Josina Burgess. These avatars represent the following real persons in the virtual world in the same order: Naomi Devil, László Ördögh Diabolus and Jose den Burger. Art Space Diabolus has launched the Cybernetic Art Research Project (CARP) with the aim to explore innovative forms of expression within the metaverse. During the past four years the group has grown fast and at the moment consists of more than sixty members.

The team has developed a number of innovative forms of expression. The following list provides some examples: adaptive virtual architecture, interactive audio installation, complex script based cybernetic art, collaborative audiovisual improvisation, immersive online 4D cinema, worldwide collaborative studio technology.

The leading principle of the creative team is hyper-functionalism which can be considered as a counterpoint to hyper-formalism. 'Hyper-form follows hyper-function'- this is the motto of the CARP team. Their most important artistic means of expression is art-scripting, a specifically applied script language which they jokingly call '4 D virtual paint and brush'. The CARP team has published an online e-book series about the projects, exhibitions and shows they have realized in SL. Innovations are explained in these e-books with more detail.

2011.10.23 - 21:00 :: G.K.

Villa Negra X.

The National Association of Hungarian Fine Artists invites you and your friends to the tenth anniversary jubilee exhibition of the Villa Negra Art Association of the Symposium in Zalaszentgrót.

Exhibiting artists:
Böjte Horváth István, Csáki Róbert, Csoma Gábor, Józsa Pál, Kuti László, Kõ Boldizsár, Lelkes A. Gergely, Lelkes Márk, Lestyán Goda János, Meszlényi-Molnár János, Miksa Bálint, Nagy Edit, Székó Gábor, Takáts Márton, Tóth Dávid

The exhibition will be inaugurated by:
Wehner Tibor, arthistorian

Opening times: from 21st September until 7th Október 2011, every day except Monday, from 10 am until 7 pm.
The exhibiton has been organised by Róbert Mayer,

Addresse: House of Hungarian Fine Artists (Olof Palme House)
1146 Budapest, Olof Palme sétány 1.

2011.09.19 - 20:11 :: G.K.

The forest of love

homage to Renato Guttuso

Exhibition dates: 17th September - 5th November 2011
Vernissage: Saturday, 17th September 2011 at 6 pm
Location: Palazzo Valle Fondazione Puglisi
Via Vittorio Emanuele
95131 Catania (CT) IT

Exhibiting artist:
Renato Guttuso, Alessandro Bazan, Giuseppe Calderone, Calusca, Giuseppe Cassibba, Camillo Catelli, Giulio Catelli, Sonia Ceccotti, Cristiano Ceroni, Alfio Cristaudo, Salvo Difranco, Zoltan Fazekas, Raimondo Ferlito, Alessandro Finocchiaro, Giovanni Frangi, Alessandra Giovannoni, Sebastiano Grasso, Paolo Guarrera, Frances Lansing, Enrico Mitrovich, Sebastiano Pennisi, Fausto Pirandello, Salvatore Provino, Antonio Recca, Ruggero Savinio, Giuseppe Tomasello, Sasha Vinci

Writers and poets:
Giuseppe Bella, Carmelo Causale, Vinvenzo Crapio, Francesco Nicolosi Fazio, Angelo Scandurra, Maurizio Scibilia, Stefano Strazzabosco

More information:
Archive Renato Guttuso Homepage
Press text to the exhibition, Roberto Milani

2011.09.12 - 20:28 :: G.K.

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